Monday, September 3, 2007

Tulsa - Part 2

We took the boy to a great local hamburger joint on Sunday called "Goldie's." It has the BEST burgers (the only better place is Shady Glen, back in CT.) Here is the flirty look that James was giving his blonde waitress:

Chris and I:

James ate all of his grilled cheese and french fries! I think PPO thinks that is all that my kid eats! LOL

We took James to Build a Bear at the mall after lunch. Here he is with Jane and PPO outside Build a Bear:

I love that he is old enough now to walk in the store and pick out his own stuffed animal. This time he picked a puppy, and of course his name is "Pup Pup."


Pup Pup about to get stuffed and made "real."

Here he is getting his heart put in:

"Are you done yet?"

On our last night we had dinner at Zio's Italian Restaurant, one of our favorites. PPO kept helping James use his RIGHT hand, LOL. NO LEFTIES!!!!

Mommy and James sharing spaghetti Lady and the Tramp-style!

"I love spaghetti, Mom!"

We left Tulsa Monday at about lunchtime. Thanks for having us, PPO and Jane! The boy loaded up on snacks and Sesame Street on the way home.

It is good to be going home, Mom, I miss my bed!

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