Saturday, September 22, 2007

Friday Night Fun

We had planned to attend Balloonapalooza, a local hot air balloon fair yesterday, but the weather didn't cooperate! For once here in Vegas it was RAINING and windy. Oh well. We'll try again next year!

We invited our friends the Turners and the Feuers over instead. We ordered some pizzas and had a great time. Lon and Debbie and Jake and baby Josh came over. The boys had so much fun! Here is Garrin and Jake:

Debbie and I and the kids (still windy, but it had stopped raining, thank goodness!!):

Garrin hanging out after he and Jake ran around the grass about 150 times:

Jake tossing the ball. He was the BIG kid in the group and the other two followed him around constantly.
EVERYONE wants to play on the SAME toy at the SAME time!!! Are we surprised????

Garrin's LOVES the Elmo ride-on toy that Auntie Kimmy gave James:

Garrin and his most favorite Uncle Chris!

The Feuers left for the evening. Thanks for coming over guys! We had so much fun! Time for jammies!
Ummm . . . Chris tried to swaddle Garrin the way he used to when James was a newborn. I don't think it worked, but Garrin seemed to like it!

"Time for bed, buddy!"

"No, I'm serious." (totally laughing because how can I be serious when he is grinning at me like this.) I MEAN IT! LOL Time for bed!


Jerolyn said...

What's a Pig Pile?

Allison said...

Whaddya mean what's a pig pile??? Aren't you a country gal? You know, like the pig pile on the 215 last week! LOL

Jerolyn said...

Do they pile Up? hummm I guess I ain't never seen them there oinkers all piled up, now I have seen a 5 pound pertater though!