Sunday, September 16, 2007

ATV-ing at Apex

Chris has a new ATV-ing buddy, Dave, who is my friend Donna's husband. Dave is a Metro Police Officer, and enjoys the opportunity to get out and quad with Chris. The two of them have breakfast and then load up and head out to Apex to ride for a couple hours. This past Saturday they took the camera with them to catch their stunts.

Here is Chris catching some air:

Chris again, making his son proud!!!!

Here is Dave:

And Dave again posing for ATV Magazine's October cover shot.

Here is Chris getting a little C R A Z Y . . .

Here is Dave hauling a@@ over the jump (Donna, don't get worried, Chris has only rolled it once . . .)


Jerolyn said...

Chris and his Crazy shenanigans!!

Allison said...

So Dave's air was bigger than mine, big deal. He's crazy! --Chris