Thursday, September 27, 2007

My Little Busy Body

James has been in the process of reducing his nap schedule from 3 three-hour naps a day to 2 two-hour naps a day. This has led to many new behaviors, including:

  • pulling open all of the drawers and cabinets in the kitchen
  • turning the DVD player on and off and on and off and on and off . . .
  • chasing the cat and screaming at the top of his lungs
  • spinning himself dizzy
  • repeatedly picking up his sippy cup and hurling it across the room
  • riding his toy horse "Garrin -style"
  • beating on the tv screen with both fists
  • finding the wrapping paper stash and unrolling all of it

Here are a few additional examples:

Pulling all of my work binders off of the shelf and ripping the paper out of them while I am on a conference call and trying to tell him "Ssshhh" with my finger and trying to push him out from under my desk with my feet:

Pointing repeatedly at the plant that he is NOT ALLOWED TO TOUCH because he keeps pulling all of the soil out of the pot but he apparently doesn't believe me or care when I say "NO DON'T TOUCH IT!"

Getting every toy he owns and throwing them one by one over the gate that is blocking off the stairs and then screaming because he can't get them:

Hauling Elmo around by the eyeballs:

But of course, while all of these things are happening, (although I can get frustrated when I am trying to do my work or clean up the mess from the bomb that apparently exploded in the house before Chris gets home) I am always looking at him and thinking "where did my little baby go?" And then I get a little weepy and then I have to laugh because he is just so damn amazing.

I know that soon we will be going from two naps to one, and then to none, and I can only imagine what will start to happen at that point, but for right now I just love him so stinking much that I don't care how much wrapping paper he destroys--in fact, maybe I'll just grab one of the rolls tonight and run all over the room leaving a great, krinkly trail for him to mess around in to his heart's content!


Jerolyn said...

Word to the wise~by the way did you read my last post~ya let's not encourage unsavory behavior shall we?!

Jerolyn said...

P.S. I can spell but Ellie was on my lap while I was writing the comment on your last post!

Allison said...

I fifured it was either "cool" or "cute" tee hee

Jerolyn said...

It was CUTE!!! "Ohhhh cooooot"

Gini said...

That so far, is the funniest post yet. The pictures are perfect.