Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Labor Day

We went over to Bill and Gini's house for a little Labor Day Party in the afternoon. Here is the boy and his Daddy swimming.

A number of the swimming team kids and their parents were at the party too. The pool can get pretty crazy with all of the kids. Here is what it looks like, (and there are probably only half of the kids in this picture!)

A favorite activity in the pool is doing a variety of flips off of the back wall. Here Hannah demonstrates a picture perfect back flip:

Two tired cousins after swimming:

When we got home, the boy was full of the crazies! He was running circles around the island with his tah-doo (what my mom calls the empty paper towel tube) LOL

This video is pretty shaky, but VERY FUN as you can see me chasing James around the island and hear his hysterical shrieks of joy.

We hope everyone had a great Labor Day Weekend!

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Chris said...

nice picture of me with my shirt off....white boy