Saturday, September 29, 2007

Friendly Donuts

I have spoken often and fondly of a little-known place called Friendly Donuts here in the Valley. Chris and I stumbled on the place one morning when we were on the East side of town. I had been wanting old-fashioned glazed donuts like I could get back in Brunswick, Maine at this place called Frosty's. As luck would have it, we walked in and the shelves were filled with them! So, we go there a few times a year (good thing, as I am sure each donut is about 1,000 calories!)

This morning we swung over there to pick up a dozen to bring over to Bill and Gini's. (Of course I documented the whole thing for ya!) Here's the place; it doesn't look like much . . .

But once inside . . . YUMMO! (as annoying Rachael Ray would say.) Here is Chris making his selection. Don't forget a cake donut with frosting and sprinkles for the boy!!!

If you see this pink box coming thru the door, nope, it's not the Avon lady, it's FRIENDLY DONUTS!!!

Yum, yum, YUM!!!

Here is the littlest Friendly Donut fan:


Gini said...

THESE WERE FRIGGIN AWESOME. Thank guys. And to whoever is reading the brunch menu - I get to eat all that tomorrow. :)

Anonymous said...

wheres mine

Life of a Banana said...