Wednesday, September 19, 2007

WARNING - Lemons Ahead

We went out to dinner last night to the Roadrunner, one of our favorite places. It is a cowboy-themed restaurant. I took a couple of pics to show James playing with lemons (which he apparently loves) and also as a gentle reminder to new parents. If your child is sucking and squeezing a lemon slice, don't forget the potential lemon juice squirted in the eye danger!!!!

He was fine, but there was a little panicky run into the restroom to get some water on him. (sigh) . . .

I love the look on his face in this one. Note the carrot sticks. That is new for him and he really liked them.

On the ride home he was reading his new favorite book.

And I had to slip this one in from this morning. He usually wakes up, has breakfast, and runs at 90 miles an hour until his first nap at 9:30am. NOT TODAY!! He seemed a little sleepy, so Chris put him on the couch and he watched Sesame Street without moving. It was just absolutely precious.

Rocco says "Hmm . . . is it nap time? This looks like a comfy spot!"

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Jerolyn said...

Hello who wouldn't want to snuggle up underneath that yummy blankie? 2 posts in one day wow bonus I love it!