Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Fun Weekend

James and Chris and I attended a little birthday party for our dear friend Brooke who just turned 2 on Saturday! Mel and Gene and Gini and Hannah and Garrin were also there.

It was a great time, especially because Brooke's parents, Kim and Gary had purchased a toddler-size bounce house for the kids. I wasn't even planning on putting James in it, because I thought for sure he would hate it. Well, Mel grabbed him and threw him right in and HE LOVED IT!!!

Here is a little video of his very first bounce house experience!!

Look at that smile!!! Brooke the birthday girl is next to him, showing him the ropes.

Oops--I think he face-planted in this one, but he is still smiling!

Taking a breather . . .

Here he is with Garrin earlier in the party. Think we can fit another toddler on this car???

Hannah took this pic of James and I and then did this funky thing right on the camera where she added this border. COOL!!

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