Sunday, September 23, 2007

Cicotello Wedding

We attended a wedding on Saturday evening at Lake Las Vegas. Our friends Nate and Natalie got hitched in a gorgeous ceremony at Chapel Fiorenza overlooking the lake. Lake Las Vegas is this massive man-made Tuscany-style community that is simply breathtaking. Celine Dion lives out here, if that gives you any idea of it's splendor.

I knew that it was going to be a pretty formal affair when Natalie told me that her bridesmaids were going to be wearing black gowns. So Chris and I got all dolled up to hit the town!

Mel and Gene were also invited, so we hitched a ride with them and crashed at their place afterwards. Thanks Gene and Mel!! (Mel, we'll take you up on your offer for some Barossa after the wedding next time!)

Here's Mel and Gene, posing out side the Irish pub where we grabbed a pint before heading into the wedding:

The back story on this wedding is that Mel worked with Natalie, and Nate was their investments guy. Mel LOVES to play matchmaker, and so she asked me to invite them both to the housewarming that we had three years ago when we moved into our home. That was Nate and Natalie's first meeting and, well, I guess it was a good first impression because now they are Mr. and Mrs. Cicotello!!

Here's the happy couple (you guys look great!)

Chris and I had so much fun. It was a beautiful wedding.

Ahh . . two fine looking men:

Chris took this pic of the table arrangement:

And finally, a beautiful shot of the villas at sunset:

Nate and Natalie, thanks so much for inviting us. We wish you all the happiness in the world!


Jerolyn said...

Mel and Gene look so great! So do the two of you~Chris you clean up nicely!haha

Janice003 said...

Hi Chris. Just wanted to let you know that I gave my 2-week notice to Emerson this morning. I'm going to work with Jay. It's just not the same here anymore. Everyone is leaving
Hope you are having a great time at your new job.
I'll keep in touch.
Your mother-figure in Lorain,

PS - I'm going out tonight to buy the Laurie Berkner Band DVD for the little boy across the street from me.

Allison said...

Janice-good man Jay! He should STEAL you! Your little neighbor will love the DVD. Keep checking in on your Vegas friends! -Allison