Monday, September 24, 2007

Congratulations Chris!

Chris started his new job today as a Senior Engineer with Cox Communications!

After 10 great years with Emerson, he couldn't pass up an opportunity for advancement. AND the BEST part is that he gets to STAY HOME and be Daddy to James and Hubby to me!! No more flying across the country, leaving on Monday and coming home on Friday. Now he gets to come home to dinner on the table, his laundry fresh and clean and folded and put away, the house sparkling clean, HEY STOP DAY-DREAMING AND GET TO WORK!!!!! LOL

We love you so much babe, and we are so proud!


Allison said...

OK Katie, so here is a good example of the CRAPPY CAKEMAKING SKILLS at Albertsons!!!!! I MISS YOU!!!!

All the time I was ordering it I was thinking "hmmm . . a white cake with butter cream icing from Katie Kennedy would be SO FREAKING GOOD!!!!"

Jerolyn said...

Big man COX huh? (I had my suspicions)