Tuesday, September 11, 2007

PINKS ALL OUT- -Vegas Baby!

I was running on the treadmill (ok, not REALLY running, just sort of quickly walking) and getting my daily dose of the VH1 Top 20 Countdown when an ad for PINKS All Out came on. Anyone familiar with this show on the Speed channel? Well, of the people that read this blog, I am going to say probably not. Well, here's your primer on Pinks All Out.

Pinks All Out refers to pink slips and street racing. Think James Dean and Natalie Wood in Rebel without a Cause. Anyhoo, in this show, two cars edge up to the start line and the host, Rich Christensen, does an arm drop to single the cars to take off. The fastest one to the end of the 1/4 mile is the winner. In Pinks All Out, some 200 cars do this until they are narrowed down to 16 cars racing for a final purse of $10,000.

I knew Chris would be SO EXCITED that Pinks All Out was coming to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. General Admission tix were only $20, so we ordered ours on line and arranged for babysitting (thanks Donna and Dave!!!)

The day is a long one, with racing starting at 11 am and the final taping of the show not happening 'til 9pm or later (so I read on a Speed channel message board while trying to ascertain how long we would need James looked after for, LOL)

In between racing, the Speedway offers all sorts of fun "extras" like crazy people doing wheelies on the motorcycles with their girlfriends lying underneath them:

Here is a pic of the same guy giving us a "smoke show." Trust me--there really is a motorcycle in the cloud of smoke.

Now, you may be asking yourself, "What is Allison's attraction to the show?" The answer is simple: BICEPS. The host's biceps, to be specific. Here is a good shot of them:

Here is a pic of the famous arm drop. For those of you who know a little about drag racing, Pinks does alternate using the Christmas tree (now you're impressed, huh?) with Rich's arm drop. Personally, I prefer the arm drop.

Here is a mustang that Chris thought had a VERY nice paint job:

When we found out that the show was coming to Vegas, we were really excited and tried to entice Chris' cousin Chris (yes folks, that is not a typo) to come out. We even tried a free plane ticket--but parental duties were calling. NEXT TIME!!

Bazzano, here is the seat that you SHOULD have been sitting in!!!!!!!

Unfortunately Bazzano, since you didn't make it out, you missed a Willys . . . .

And some butt cheeks!!! Seriously, is there a draft in here, or WHAT!!!!????

Check out the guy in the blue t-shirt checking Butt Cheek Mama out:

A little pic of "The Strip" gates where the cars come through before they race:

Another video of Rich in Action:

And finally a REALLY SCARY FAST jet engine-powered car.

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Jerolyn said...

I have had fun reading your blog and looking at all the photos!!! Isn't it a fun way to share your thoughts and family? James is getting So grown up. He is just adorable.Those EYES~lady killer he is. Hey what is this I read that you're planning on moving back East???