Friday, September 14, 2007

Screaming & Spinning

James has two new funny things that he has picked up in the last few days. They are SCREAMING and making himself DIZZY.

I think he picked up the screaming thing from me, since I chase him around the kitchen shrieking at the top of my lungs and making him laugh. The twirling around until he is so dizzy that he can't stand up straight thing? I don't know!!

You can tell that the crazies are about to begin when he quickly goes from one activity to another. Here is a video that shows the beginning of the crazies. Note the sudden tossing of the sippy cup:

A close up of screaming:

Let's add a ball:
How about a ball and a construction hat?

And here we have the spinning:

1 comment:

Jerolyn said...

Oh that's so cute and I noticed that you've had to barracade little James from wandering room to room eh? Ellie screams too but she's usually not smiling when she does it, in fact she's usually turning red and grabbing for handfulls hair~isn't that precious?!ha ha.