Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mondays are AWESOME

Monday's rock here in the summer because they mean one thing: Mark's Classic Cruise Night at Mark's Auto Parts in Granby, CT!!!

Hundreds and HUNDREDS of great cars, & this is only 1/3 of the field!

Have I ever mentioned that we are crazy for car shows? It all started way back when Chris and I were dating. He used to drag me around to car shows all over CT and really, I am sure I was rolling my eyes all the way through the first one. I mean, I didn't know the difference between a wheel or a tire, much less a big block or a straight 6.

The entrance all decked out in flags

BUT--the 50's music was great, the people were all really friendly, and after a few times, I began to really enjoy the sound of the muscle cars -- that deep, throaty rrrrRRRRRRR . . . and, well, look at me now. I am plum crazy for a '69 Chevelle.

We used to love hearing the drivers lay some one-leggers on the road when they left. DRAT!!!

Now, Chris is so excited to impart his passion for muscle cars onto his son. And the movie Cars has certainly given James a good start! Here he has found what he thinks is Doc Hudson from the movie.

And Lizzie . . .

Only at Marks can you see a boatload of new Challengers all lined up in one place. That's NUTS!

Anyone for a little horsepower?

This one was a beauty. As Chris says, you have to respect something that has been around this long and is original. A true survivor.

Here was a car that we thought resembled Ramone . . .

My boy loves the trucks with the big tires! His birthday is coming up soon. Maybe he wants a lift kit!

Oooh, and a real showstopper. I can just see myself pulling into Fat Boy's Drive In in this baby . .

So what can I say? Monday's around here are something to look forward to! If you are a car afficianado, or you just appreciate a little rumble and some Armorall, visit the Mark's Classic Cruise website to learn more. See you at the show!


Larry said...

Nice way to spend a Spring day.They don't make them with the orignality that they used to these days.

-I don't know how far back the post was but you had a great shot of a Great- Blue Heron with fish in mouth--great job on capturing that one.

Heart Felt said...

What beautiful cars.....love it. x

Hollie said...

love the cars! and the burn out sign was funny!

Kelly said...

I would love to drive around in one of those big-fender, shark-fin cars from the 50s....a convertible of course...preferably pink (or turquoise). :-)

Ruth said...

Cruise nights are very popular in our city, but are generally on a smaller scale. Some of those cars are so big. I didn't remember how the five children (and dog) in my family all fit in the back seat.

TeresaR said...

I don't know the last thing about cars, but I do like looking at the different designs through the ages. Great photos!

CC said...

Cool! Mondays here still suck....

Jessica Cangiano said...

What an awesome summertime event to have in your own town! I adore vintage cars and would be trying to make my way to this show as often as I could if I lived nearby :)

Thank you very much for your beautiful comment on my blog. I'm truly sorry about your mother. It's beautiful though that you were able to absorb a lifelong love of vintage from her (and your dad). Thank you for sharing that with me.

May you have a joyful & serene Sunday,
♥ Jessica