Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day Weekend in Maine

We headed to Maine to spend Father's Day Weekend with my Dad. It was GREAT. Chris suggested that when I post the photos I ask James to narrate. His comments are in italics.

Grandpa and Jamesy picking strawberries!

We picked 11 strawberries.

I am holding a really big strawberry! I ate it and vanilla ice ream.

Here are honking geese that are eating bushes!

That's Jamesy with flowers and holding a nectarine. (I don't see a nectarine in this picture, but O.K.!)

Some flowers from around the house:

Strawberries! (As you can see, there are more than 11 here.) We ate them over Gifford's vanilla ice cream. James even had seconds!

Playing baseball and then going to the tractors. (Don't you love the goose in the background, getting right in on the game?)

More flowers. I think Dad said the Daisies are Buckeyes? I'll have to check.

Here is Dad on Saturday evening before we headed to the hotel, bringing Gaby the Goose right into the car to say goodbye to James! (Is that a riot, or what!! I LOVE MY DAD.)

Daddy and Baby Sister! I really love this photo--there was a very, very light misty rain coming down and the little droplets were collecting in Ella's eyelashes. She was blinking ever so sweetly.

Jamesy riding a tractor! The tractor was out of the barn getting worked on. It seemed much larger than before!

You feed a horse with your hand out. Dad was showing James how to hold his hand out flat. That will be a lesson that could stand some repeating!

Jamesy riding on Flash like a cowboy! Yes, here he is riding alone. My heart was in my throat, but Flash is a very good and patient boy. Dad showed James how to hold on to Flash's mane and he did great!

Aw it's Grandpa and Mommy.

Flash! Isn't he gorgeous? Sonny Boy is getting older, and was a little camera shy.

Baby Sister and Daddy! Chris was asking her if there was butter on her chin. LOVE THAT!

I am riding in Grandpa's car like a big boy! Mmmmm . . . yup. Its a tradition when we go see the horses--they are a little ways down the road and since it was raining we drove.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!


TeresaR said...

We (I showed my boys your photos) loved your dad's geese! Are they Chinese and Pilgrim? We used to have Emdens but gave them away because they were too obnoxious. Someday, we might raise them again, but from babies rather than getting them grown from someone else.

Glad you could spend such a beautfiful weekend with your father!

Allison said...

Teresa, Gaby, the white one is a Chinese Crested (and she is MEAN MEAN MEAN!) I think the other is a Toulouse? (His name is Gaston).

The first time I brought my husband to the house I told him: "Now when you get out of the car, RUN to the house and DON'T STOP!" tee hee. He still married me!

Chris said...

Great post, dear! I had a great weekend! Love you.

Michelle said...

What a great post and what a great Father's Day!! Your father looks like a riot. Loved how he brought Gaby over for goodbyes. He has such a warm smile. Flash is absolutely GORGEOUS! What a perfect weekend for all of you. :)

Michelle :)

Stephanie said...

Your Dad's place looks like a little piece of heaven. Did you grow up there? Very sweet.

Jerolyn said...

What great photos of Christopher and Ella...darling!

Jayne said...

Awww... what great photos. Love J's narration of the photos!

TeresaR said...

Ah, my son recognized the Chinese, but he wasn't sure what the gray one was. Thanks!

Oh, geese are very good guard "dogs", aren't they? ;) Your dh is one brave man...LOL!

Independent Chick said...

You have a beautiful family. : ) Thanks for popping by my blog. Please stop by again. : ) And I will certainly be back to visit.