Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mom's Tootsie Roll

I have been working for the last week on trying to replicate an oil pie crust recipe that my Mom always used. It was flaky and a little chewy, and I never tasted it anywhere like she made it.

I am headed to Maine to see Dad on Father's Day weekend, and I am bringing him one of Mom's apple pies (well--as close as I can get to it). So of course I want to get her pie crust just right.

I have made several attempts over the last week and I think I got it today. Chris will be the happy recipient of a "test pie" when he gets home from Chicago this evening.

But back to the point of this post. Whenever Mom made a pie she always made a little extra dough to use for a special added treat--what she called a "Tootsie Roll." She rolled out the dough in a rectangle, put some butter on it and a generous amount of brown sugar and then rolled it up. It cooked in the oven alongside the main attraction.

It was always one of my favorite things that she baked.

I made one today. And it tastes just right.

Love you and miss you, Mom.


Ruth said...

What a sweet memory. You will be glad you recorded all these little things.

Liz said...

Pie Crust heavily buttered & brown sugared and rolled - then baked?
That sounds DELICIOUS.
Is the secret in the crust or would that work, in your opinion, with store bought pie crust?
Cuz I try not to make things that the grocery stores have already perfected. ha ha :)

TeresaR said...

Please, please share your pie crust recipe when you perfect it!!

I have made an oil crust for years (using the Good Housekeeping cookbook recipe), but one day, about a yr ago, it didn't work...I have no idea why. And it never has worked since. I'm so bummed. Same oil, same recipe, same everything!

I know I'll like your mom's Tootsie Roll better than the candy. I'll try it next time I make pie. :)

Redhead in Vegas said...

I think blogs should come with a "like" option, similar to Facebook. Until then:

I like this (thumbs up)

Allison said...

Ruth, I think you are right. A few people approached me at Mom's celebration of life and told me that I should write a novel about her. Maybe these little snippets are my way of sharing her with the world.

Liz, it would probably work with store-bought crust (shhh . . . I used that for several years until recently) but I had never tried it because I knew that even though it would be good, it wouldn't be right, if you know what I mean.

Can I just say, Teresa, how glad I am to have stumbled on your blog 6 months ago? I mean truly--you are a treasure. 2 cups flour, sifted with a tablespoon of sugar and a sprinkling of salt--mix with 2/3 cup canola oil and 6 or so T of ice water.

Thanks, Redhead! Funny, I often find myself wishing that there was an "unlike" option on Facebook! Now get off FB and get back to blogging!

And just so everybody knows--YES, I DID EAT THE WHOLE THING MYSELF.