Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Vintage Finds

Many of you know that my parents have had an antique store, Pollyanna's Antiques in Maine and an Ebay store since the mid 90's. My Dad was the major treasure hunter, my Mom took care of manning the store and running the Ebay auctions. Together they had more than 6,000 positive feedbacks on Ebay since their virtual shop opened.

A vintage paper doll with handmade outfits

Since my Mom passed away in February, my Dad has become the full-time proprietor of Pollyanna's. In February I don't think he would have even known how to turn on a computer, now he is running 50+ auctions a week on Ebay.

In late February my sister, my Uncle Ron and I all took a part in teaching Dad how to use the computer. At first he would take the item photos and write up the auction descriptions, my sister would e-mail them to me, and I would run the auctions. Now Dad has advanced so far that he has purchased a digital scale and is printing out postage at the house. He can navigate through Ebay better than I can. I am very, very proud of him.

A gorgeous vintage tied summer quilt

I have always admired my parent's love of vintage and turn of the century items--a visit to their house was never complete without a show-and-tell of their most recent and precious finds. Two years ago, my Dad sent me off to Antiques Roadshow with a veritable treasure trove of items. "You will DEFINITELY get on the show with any one of these antiques" I remember him telling me. He was right. Want to check me out on the show? Click here.

A Fourth of July parade hat from the turn of the century

I know that a number of you have a real appreciation for vintage items. I think I will try to post on Fridays things from Dad's shop that you may appreciate seeing. If you look on my sidebar, you can see a link for Pollyanna's, just click and it will take you straight to his current auctions. Or, you can click here.

A 1920s advertising sign

I am sure that if my Mom were still alive, things would be purring along as they always had. Dad would still be out "picking" as he called it, Mom would be called upon to get a first peek at estate sales in Bath, they would both be falling in love with little finds that they could not bear to sell, and instead would set aside to pass on to my sister and I. Every holiday would be and still is a surprise. I receive Victorian glass art pieces, Chris gets vintage license plates, and the kids get sweet vintage books and dolls.

Farmer's Almanac from 1958

I guess with Father's Day on my mind, I wanted to pay a little tribute to my Dad. Happy Father's Day, Dad. I hope you have enjoyed seeing some of his little treasures.

Needlecraft Magazine, 1929

I am headed to Maine tomorrow with my little family to see him, so I won't be back until Monday. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


Karen Dietrich said...

Kudos to your dad for getting comfortable with the computer. That's no easy task for our parents' generation. And your appearance on Roadshow was awesome (you rock star, you)!

alice c said...

What a wonderful selection of vintage goodies - I love the belt buckles! Looking forward to your Friday posts.

Jayne said...

How cool!! Loved seeing the clip of you on the Roadshow. :c)
Kudos to your dad for soldiering on. I know it must be difficult, but sometimes the love and magic of passion is able to soothe the soul in so many ways. You all have a safe journey and tell your daddy Happy Father's Day from us all.

Sarah@VintageChic said...

What fabulous finds!!! Love the quilt.... as in, I really want it!

That is so great that your dad runs all the eBay auctions now. I can't imagine my dad being able to even navigate to eBay!