Friday, June 26, 2009

Vintage Friday Finds - Paper Dolls

Introducing Dolly Dumpling, and Bobby Bobbs, a pair of sweet paper dolls from the 1920s that my Dad has in his auction this week.

Isn't Dolly sweet? I just want to pinch her little cheeks!

I love that Bobby has his own little paper doll accessories, including a Bulldog!

These paper dolls remind me of a time when children were raised in a much simpler way. No cell phones, no Xboxes, no computers. I hope that despite the "information age" I can give my children an environment that is somewhat more based on using their own imaginations to keep them growing, learning and having fun!

(My husband read this after I posted it and noted that James was watching Super Why so don't think I am a purist by any means, LOL!)

Happy Vintage Friday Finds!


trashalou said...

The girl looks like a Lucie Mabel Atwell image.

I love that my kids LOVE to play with the Wii and sing all the groovey songs with their friends BUT that they also choose to spend time playing outside together on the climbing frame in some crazy made-up game.

TeresaR said...

If I had a young daughter, I'd jump all over these! I looove paper dolls as a child (ok, up until I was about 17, really, LOL!). My boys won't look twice at these, alas.

Jayne said...

Isn't is sadly amazing that these paper dolls used to hold the interest of kids for hours on end? Imagination has been hijacked a bit these days.