Saturday, June 13, 2009

Catching Up with Our Bird Friends

We continue to be visited by Hairy, Downy and Red-Bellied Woodpeckers. Their flight pattern is almost comical--fly up, then dip, fly up, then dip! We keep hearing a Pileated but no sightings yet!

We switched bird food about a month ago to a black sunflower mix that we got at an Ocean State Job Lot--but we immediately lost some of our regular visitors, including finches and Chickadees. When it ran out we went back to the mix we had been buying for a local bird store and they came back that very day!

We have a new sparrow--I have not looked him up yet but isn't he cute? I have only seen him a handful of times--the only other sparrow we get is a Chipping Sparrow.

Here is a Black Capped Chickadee that has been coming back around to see us.

And our faithful friends, the Cardinals are our favorites. I really love the female. Watching the pair together is touching--the way they seem to care for each other, the way the male brings her little pieces of corn.

I am not sure if we will see any new birds--we may have seen all of them in our backyard--except that elusive Pileated Woodpecker!


√ Abraham Lincoln said...

You do have some very nice photos of birds. I see you use a plant hook for a perch too. Nice blog.

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Jayne said...

The right seed mix can make all the difference! Lovely to see your bird visitors. :c)

Kim said...

girl - that is crazy! All the birds?? I need to set out a bird feeder and wait to see what visits us! I've been trying to get over here for days!! It has just been busy on a stupid level!

TeresaR said...

We need to set our camera on a tripod and see what photos we can take. Most of my pics are shaky and blurry...LOL!

I checked with dh and ds1 regarding the mystery bird, and they weren't sure either. ds1 thought it could be some sort of a finch (due to its thick bill), and dh thought it could be a juvenile something. Let us know when you find out!

Kim said...

Girl - where is that other blog you posted from the other day??? I was trying to go to it and it said it's been removed! It was too cute!!! PUT IT BACK UP - NOW!!

Allison said...

Thanks, Abe!

Jayne--you are SO RIGHT about he food--but the stuff they really like is SO DANG EXPENSIVE, LOL. I guess that's the price we pay, eh?

Teresa, I was thinking it is a finch also!

Kim, I am still working out some kinks. NO WORRIES! I think I'll have it finished mid-week. I am adding some other cool stuff to it.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi There, Thanks so much for coming to my blog. I love Jayne's blog. Hope you come back often!!!!

Love your birds. You have many of the same ones that I have here. I agree that the Cardinals are one of the fav's. Mine are the first in the morning to go to the feeders and the last at night. I love their 'chips'...

Your kids are so cute!!!!! Mine are all grown--and I have five grands.

Have a great day.

Kelly said...

...lovely little birds. They sometimes are picky about their seed. Our birds are just piggy and will eat just about anything! :-)