Sunday, May 31, 2009

Carnival Happiness

Look at this face! JUST LOOK! How did this little boy get this happy? We took him to a little carnival down the road in the next town.

It was a great experience, because they had LOTS of toddler rides. He rode this truck about 4 times--and at only two tickets per ride, it was a steal!

Baby Sister was pretty happy watching her big brother vroom vroom around the track.

We had typical yummy fair fare for lunch. A shady spot on the grass and we were in heaven.

And then more rides! Look at Mr. Serious coming in for a landing!

Of course we had to hit the games in the little midway!

And then my favorite--the carousel! Look at the big boy, riding by himself! (Chris took him on first while I held my breath--but he's a great rider!)

He kept saying to me during the ride "You are riding Flash and I am riding Sonny!" the two horses that he visits when we see Grandpaw back in Maine.

A million rides later and this girl is still smiling!

My all-time favorite pic of my men:

Well, there are about 22 fairs scheduled between now and mid-September--and I plan to hit as many as we can!


Liz said...

That last picture of James & Chris is AWESOME. Handsome boys!

I love the fairs, too - the kids love the carnival aspect, I love the country-bumpkin-ness of the contests, tractor pulls and farm animals.
It's win-win, really.

And we all love the food!

Jayne said...

Fun, fun, fun!

Kelly said... looks like you guys had a blast! Love seeing all those smiling faces. :-)

Heather said...

Good for you and thanks for the inspiration! Fairs creep me out, but I remember having fun when I was a kid. I've never taken my girls to a carnival but it's on my 40x40 list. There is one down the road later this week and I am determined to make it.

TeresaR said...

We have only taken the boys to about 3 fairs - the county ones are cute, and the state one was quite interesting. I go just for the junk food - elephant ears 1-2 times a year is just what I need to get my fix...LOL!

Your kids looked so happy - love it!