Sunday, May 17, 2009

Airline Rail Trail -- South Section Part 3


A New England Life said...

Nice shots Allison! You might seriously want to consider switching over to a template that accomodates your photo's a little better. I was scrolling down through and see you have other nice bird shots and family photos that would look good in a larger format. Remember, just because you switch your blog over to minima stretch doesn't mean you would have to make all your pictures larger, but you should consider it!

You can still have a decorative background and Blogger gives you the option to preview what it would look like first, so if you didn't like the new template you just don't change it.

Do you have photoshop?


Jerolyn said...

Loved the turtle cute!!! AND was that a beaver dam?

Allison said...

Sharon--thanks for the idea to move to Minima Stretch--I have played around with it before and will consider it again. I actually uploaded these photos at too low of a resolution--I usually do a higher upload so that when you click ont he pic you really get to see the image. I do have Photoshop, but haven't gotten serious yet about playing with it. What I REALLY need is a better camera!

Jer--the turtles were my favorite, and YES that is a beaver dam! I was really lazy today and didn't write anything!

A New England Life said...

If you decide to work with Photoshop a bit I can give you a few tips for resizing photo's along with enhancing them. Just email me and let me know.

Michelle said...

I love your photographs. That one of the dandelion is so perfect. Makes me want to go for a long nature walk.