Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Sure Sign of Summer

My husband is working in Rhode Island this week. He and I have a number of great memories that focus on summer trips out to Narraganset, and each time we went we fell more and more in love with Del's Lemonade.

So yesterday evening when he walked in the door and plunked a container of Del's on the counter for me, I was CRAZY HAPPY.

Oh, if you have not had this lovely, icy, must-come-from-Heaven concoction, you must! And the very best accompaniment? Why clam fritters, of course!

Rhode Island, look out, because the weather is getting warmer and I'll be heading your way to scarf up as much Del's as I can!


Ruth said...

Just catching up on blog reading before work. Spring is such an exciting time of year. I love your bird collage. I have never heard of Del's lemonade, but there is an Iranian stand at our local market that makes very delicious lemonade from real lemons. They float blueberries, cherries and strawberries in with the ice cubes and it is well worth the $5 for a large cup.

Kelly said...

...a fun and happy post! You have a new look to your blog. I like it too!