Saturday, May 9, 2009

Baby Sister Ella

Are ten photos of my beautiful baby girl
in one post too many?

I just couldn't pick any less!


A New England Life said...

No, it's not too many photos! At that age you can never have too many. What an angel Ella is. If only she could stay this little for another year.

You do know they only grow in their sleep, right?

Auntie Amy said...

So so so adorable. Can't wait to share a summer picnic with Ella and James. Also very glad that she has reclaimed the butterly toy! Lots of love, xo.

Ruth said...

Of course not! Happy Mother's Day to a wonderful mother.

Kelly said...

...ten photos are never too many!!! Beautiful...she looks happy, happy, happy and totally loves her mama! Happy Mother's Day!

alice c said...

Thank goodness you upgraded your Picasa account!