Monday, May 11, 2009

3 New Birds and Our Garden Goes In

We had a great weekend of bird watching, if you can call sitting and eating breakfast and looking out your window actual birdwatching!

Over the last few days we were fortunate to see and grab a photo of a Red-Bellied Woodpecker--he lights for just a few quick moments at a time, and I always rush to grab the camera and he is gone before I can get it.

This very morning I was eating breakfast and looked out and saw a HUGE bird in my feeder--or at least huge compared to anything else I have seen there! I yelled out to Chris "What the HECK IS THAT??!!!" and grabbed the camera and got ONE SHOT before he was gone. I guessed a Grackle and was right!

On Friday afternoon I saw a new bird on the deck that I thought might be a Mockingbird, but my Dad got this one right--a Catbird!

And lastly, some pics of my new garden! What a wonderful Mother's Day gift my husband gave to me, a five-foot tall fence to keep our lovely deer out. I almost choked when we were tallying up the cost of the materials at our local hardware store--the fence was more expensive than the plants in the garden!

We went to a wonderful local organic nursery called Jessica's Garden to buy our plants and seeds.

After the fence went up, James and I raked and planted for most of the afternoon. He loved getting his hands in the dirt--and I did my best not to be too meticulous about having him plant seeds EXACTLY the specified space apart, LOL! I can tell already that we will have massive groupings of carrots, and then none, and then another huge bunch, so I may well have to do some transplanting!

So here is what went in:

four kinds of tomatoes
three kinds of lettuce
pole beans
morning glories

I was sure when we left the nursery that I would only fill half of the space I have available, but NOPE! We filled the entire garden! I hope I can keep up with the weeding!

I'll keep you posted on our progress--ahhh, I can almost taste those fresh slices of tomato sprinkled with salt and pepper. C'mon garden, GROW!


Beth said...

what a fun and lovely blog. Your garden looks just beautiful, I will enjoy watching it grow.

KGMom said...

Thanks for stopping by my place--always nice to meet new "bloggy" friends.
Love the pics of your babies--at least (since I am new here) I assume they are yours.
Fine looking garden--sadly I gave up such a garden years ago, precisely because of my babies. Couldn't do it all. Now that I have time to garden, I don't feel like it--though I do go a bit crazy with flowers in pots every year.

Sarah@VintageChic said...

Your garden looks great! I wish mine looked that meticulous. Love the bird pictures too!

Jayne said...

WOW! What a garden you have there! Can't wait to see how it grows. :c)

Teresa R said...

I love your garden and bird photos! A deer fence is a most wonderful gift. We wouldn't have half the harvest we do if not for our fencing. And yeah, it's not cheap, but it's worth every penny. :}

Weeding...yeah, I've been doing a ton of that too. Would you believe my finger tips are sore? LOL!

Ruth said...

Your garden is off to a good start. We have frost in the forecast this weekend and cannot put tender things out quite yet. Great yard birds!