Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Birds of a Feather

I haven't been keeping up with my birdwatching photos lately, so my birding friends are in for a treat! This guy went prancing across the backyard a couple of weeks back. We have seen a number of them in groups, but this was the first loner I've seen.

Here is one of our little Chipping Sparrows. There are about six of them that are constantly at the feeders. This photo doesn't do the cap on his head justice--it is almost a brilliant red-orange on the male.

This is a sweet photo of two of the American Goldfinches that frequent the feeders. Their plumage is changing so quickly!

Here is a picture of a bird I am having trouble identifying. Initially we thought it was a Goldfinch whose plumage hadn't changed yet, but it is far bigger and the beak is stouter. Any thoughts?

I have posted pics of this little guy before--he is our Red Squirrel who is having a blast on the new feeder. Isn't the feeder beautiful? You can see that it has suet cages on either end.

Our pair of Cardinals come out every morning about 10am and every evening at dusk--their song is so loud--"TWEET!!" We can even hear it in the house with the windows closed!

We had a special treat the other night--James told us that there were deer outside and we almost knocked each other over trying to get to the camera to take photos before they were gone. There were six of them and they were so sweet.

And I am saving the best for last--our newest addition to the backyard menagerie--a Brown-Headed Cowbird! Their feathers are iridescent and spectacular.

Happy birding!


Sarah@VintageChic said...

Great pictures!!! I got a bird feeder the other week and lots of birdseed... just need to figure out where to put it so the neighborhood stray cats can't reach the birds. I'm also wanting to put up a hummingbird feeder. I saw one around our house last fall so I'm hoping to tempt some to hang around.

A New England Life said...

Look at you with all the bird pictures! Good for you!

Those Wild Turkeys are so funny they way they strut around. It's always a surprise to come across one, especially in your own backyard!

As for you unidentified bird, without pulling out the birdbook I'm not sure but I would guess it's a female. Maybe a female grossbeak or cowbird, but as I say, I'm not sure.

Darned those squirrels! I've about had it with them! They like to steal all the birdfood as well as the peanuts in the peanut feeder! Argghhh!

Jayne said...

I'm betting that the unidentified visitor is definitely the bride of your male cowbird.

The turkeys are a hoot to watch for sure!

matthew houskeeper said...

Nice post!
I was out in Saybrook this past week and came across several turkeys. I have been seeing a lot of them lately.

Kelly said...

...you're so lucky to have a turkey visit your back yard! ...and is that one of those beautiful stacked New England stone walls that I've read about in poems and stories in the background of the photo? It's beautiful (I love stones). My guess would be a female Brown-headed Cowbird. Great birds!

Allison said...

Sarah--good luck with your feeder--you may have more of a problem with squirrels raiding it than cats bothering the birds!

A New England Life--that is such a compliment coming from you, whose photography is SO STUNNING! I do think it is a female cowbird.

Jayne, you are right, that turkey was a one-man comedy act. It must be hard to walk through life in such a funny way!

Hi Matthew! Thanks for visiting--love your blog, and I love Saybrook. What great pics!

Hi Kelly, why yes that wall is! If you look back through my archives (I think in Jan or Feb of this month, I have a whole post dedicated to the stone walls here on the property!)

Ruth said...

What a great set of pictures and a wonderful variety of wildlife! Female birds are often confusing to identify.