Thursday, January 24, 2008


Ok, so it as been killing me not to post this on my blog. So here you go!


I thought I was about 10 weeks, but my Doctor got me a surprise ultrasound and they think I am just shy of 9 weeks. That means the due date would be August 30th, and my c-section will be about August 20th.

Here is the pic from the ultrasound. I am sure you can't see much, but we got to see the heart beating at 169 beats per minute. IT WAS GREAT!

I have been battling morning (all-day) sickness since New Year's. It has been weird because I was never sick when I was pregnant with James. This one is making me so nauseous. I have added so many things to my "I can't eat that" list--like coffee with cream, butter, milk, sugar, anything fried, eggs of any kind, and soda. That is just crazy!

OK--I know a lot of you out there are hoping for a girl. I would love that. But--can I just say, I LOVE my little boy. The love between a mother and a son is incredible. Who knows what is in store for me though--and maybe I'll get to experience that special connection between a mother and her daughter. (I'll just send her to boarding school from age 10 until 17) oops, who am I kidding? I worked at a boarding school, and that is EVEN WORSE!!!

So, that is our big news. Chris and I are so excited! I wonder how James will feel about it?




Jerolyn said...

Congrats you guys! YEAHHHHHHHHHHH I actually got serious goosebumps when I read this post. What a fun way to share the news and that little heartbeat looks adorable! He or She is one lucky kid to be getting such great parents a big brother to look after them! Hip Hip Hooray!

Tara said...

I'm so excited! I guess it's good that you don't want anything fried, right?
(I was secretly hoping that we'd both be preggers at the same time, but alas...)

Gini said...

Hopefully this one will grow up and be nice to Garrin. Just kidding. You're not a bully James. Its OK because Garrin is going to be bigger than all of these kids and he is going to beat everyone up. Hannah, Connor, Matthew, James and the little girl you're having!!!!

Life of a Banana said...

Pllzzzzzzzzzzzzz be a gurl!!!

Chris said...

X 2 hannah

Kimmy said...

Congratulations guys! Can't wait to see if James ends up with a little brother or sister. And Gini, I have to say, I think Matthew's going to give Garrin a run for his money!

Heather said...

So excited for you! Congratulations!