Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Lantieri Version of Batter Blaster

Well, they say that imitation is the highest form of flattery, so the Herbst's should be feeling good about this post.

Chris told me that when he was in Costco the other day they were making samples of the Batter Blaster stuff that Gini talked about in an earlier post on her blog. See Tao of Gini: Laziness Wins to read more.

I decided to try them. I just know that my Mom will be HORRIFIED when she reads this, since I didn't make these pancakes from scratch. On the other hand, she might think they are fun. We'll see.

Here they are in the pan. And yes, they squirt out just like whipped cream from a can!

Here they are on the plate, ready for James' hungry tummy to take delight in!

He is so excited about them that he says "Can-cakes!!!"
I think he looks pretty happy with the outcome.
OK, this fork is slowing me down!


Here he is saying "I'm done!" which he says at the end of every meal. I LOVE HIM!!!!!


Gini said...

BATTER BLASTER rocks!!!!!!

rwells said...

Hey, I was there for the discovery!!!

Redhead in Vegas said...

i just finished reading your post. you are too funny. i just told my husband that i am going to find this batter blaster and get it into my daughter's food arsenal. we are from the easy coast, too (NJ). it's nice to know i am not the only one that misses all the crumby weather!

MOM said...

you are absolutely right...I AM HORIFIED...what is this world coming to? more easy fast food...lets try and eat more chemicals so we can take more pills and while were at it...lets talk on the cell phone while doing would be a shame to have to be alone with our thoughts or to actually have to do something...

Allison said...

Thanks Mom! I can ALWAYS count on you! LOVE YA!

Allison said...

By the way--it is ORGANIC. No chemcals. Just air. Wheat flour, cane sugar, soybean oil, whole egg solid rice bran and sea salt. Plus, for all of you good recyclers, don't forget that both the can and the cap can be recycled. YAY!!! A quick food you can feel good about!

Life of a Banana said...