Thursday, March 6, 2008

What Has James Been Up To?

I am sure you are just dying to know what my busy little bee has been up to! Well, here is a run-down of the last few day's activities!

He was being naughty and I told him so, so he went and stood in the corner BY HIMSELF. I was dying laughing! It is hard to keep your composure during moments like this!

He has been very fond of taking his big stuffed dog for a "drag." When I was a kid, we had this great dog named Rascal who was so excited to go for walks that he would drag us down the road on his leash. Mom always said he was taking us for a drag instead of a walk.

He has been wearing this construction hat again, non-stop! He won't even take it off when he goes upstairs for his nap. I have to finally take it off of him once he is in his bed.

A new pastime of his has been to load his dump truck with toys and run them around the kitchen and then drop them off in a pile on the other side of the room. (Which, of course, is no where NEAR where they live when they are not being played with!)

And of course, there is the Diego fascination. I have cut him down to one episode per day, for fear of rotting his little brain with too much boob tube influence. But look at the SHEER RAPTURE on his face!

And this might be my new favorite photo ever ever ever of him (for now, at least.) I mean really, how cute can he get?

And another video of him, dancing to Diego. He is a little miffed that I don't do the Diego Dance with him anymore (in which I used to pick him up and Tango him all over the living room). But lately that is making me very dizzy, and I don't want to have to explain to the ambulance driver why I hit my head on the coffee table while holding my toddler and dancing the Tango!


Gini said...

The "corner" shot is truly my favorite. Now I can laugh with you guys as you are going through all the same things I have. For one - trying not to laugh at the most inappropriate time while reprimanding your child.....

Jerolyn said...

the corner picture TOO cracked me up! funny boy!

Redhead in Vegas said...

he is tooo cute!

alice c said...

So many lovely posts! But I think that this gets the prize for featuring the adorable boy. I hope that he doesn't discover too early that if he makes you laugh he can get what he wants.