Sunday, March 2, 2008

A Little Boy, Some Buttons and Vintage Treasures

We took the boy to the Springs Preserve yesterday. It is a neat interactive museum with walking trails that highlights Nevada's history, plant and animal life, and efforts to conserve water.

Here's James looking all punky before we left.
This is typically what I get now when I ask him to smile for the camera.

Here he is learning about how much water was used in the 18oos.

Uh, that Pioneer girl didn't have anything to say to me, Mom.

Dad, where are you? And who are these freaky people?

Here he is learning about early pioneers that came
through Nevada on their way to California.

Walking through some of the trails with his Da da.
He SO does not want you to hold his hand!

Learning about a little Sioux Indian girl.

Checking out a wigwam (I think it is called a wikkiup.)

He had such a great time running all over the place.
Needless to say he took one loooooong nap when we got home.

* * * * *

I made five more button rings. I think I have a sickness!
These are so much fun!

* * * * *

Mom has some fun stuff up on this week's auction.
Take a look!

Clock face die-cuts. NEAT!

1950s red print circle skirt

Vintage retro paisley fabric

Gorgeous old feed sack star quilt

Here is a link to her auction: Pollyanna's Antiques

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Jerolyn said...

I am loving the rings!!!