Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Sport Shot Setting

Sooo . . . at lunchtime today James and I spent a few minutes playing in the sun. It is a nice way to get recharged after sitting at my desk most of the day! Anyhow, I brought the camera out and discovered a sport shot setting on it. Now, being as I don't have a child that is interested in swimming, soccer, or cheerleading, I haven't even noticed this setting.

It does a great job of catching a toddler on the run!

And then running back!

And back again!

It takes pretty good shots of plumber's crack, too. (Tee hee).

Here is a little video of the running back and forth. "Go, go, go!!!!"

1 comment:

Gini said...

Ahem....two posts in one day, missy????? Love "the crack" shot. The trick with the sports shot is to NOT move with the action - which I am just learning how NOT to do. But you have been at a swim meet - How do you not move around CONSTANTLY!!!!! Makes for quite a blurry collection of photos.