Monday, March 17, 2008

Just Stuff

I have been crazy busy with work, and have missed posting TWO DAYS IN A ROW!!!! I know, you just can't believe it. I guess I am out of the running for the 31 posts in 31 days contest for March. DAMN! I made it so far! Oh well.

We had a lovely, quiet weekend. I am loving staying at home and enjoying the company of my men. Saturday we headed over to a local nursery to check out tomato plants (I am determined to grow patio tomatoes this year) and I found out that the EXPERT on growing tomatoes in the desert is speaking there this Saturday. So, I will be headed over there for a little workshop.

Chris took some fun photos of Rocco. Geez . . . he sure is getting a lot of blog posting time! Here is one of them.

On Sunday we celebrated St. Paddy's with corned beef and cabbage at the Herbst's. They have a new IG addition to their family, so we brought our two IGs and they all had a blast playing. Can I just say, I LOVE puppies!!!

I made out like crazy for the St. Paddy's feast, because a) I didn't have to cook corned beef all day and stink up my house--which is a good stink, don't get me wrong, but it does linger; b) I didn't have to clean my house like a madwoman; c) all I had to do was bring the dessert "makings" -- I didn't even have to dirty up my kitchen with the tiny amount of kitchen utensils required to make these:

These are the Apple Dumplings from the Pioneer Woman Cooks blog. They are FABULOUS (and made with some Mountain Dew) I know--that is just NUTS!!!

While we were over there, I watched James pushing a metal flatbed around, and thought to my self and then SAID OUT LOUD "You are going to trip and bang your head on that thing if you aren't careful." No sooner did the words come out of my mouth but he tripped and fell and hit his head. Which is why he is sporting this big long red scratch across his forehead:

OK, I admit it, you would probably have to click the photo open and then zoom in on it to see the scratch--but it is there and you know that makes me feel like a bad Mommy. I actually just took this pic tonight right before James headed up for bed. He is a little under the weather, pale, and pouty--but sweet as usual.

I am going to be slammed all week with the work that pays the bills, so I may be infrequently posting. I was at my desk at 6am this morning and still working at 5pm, (whine, whine, WHINE) but hey--ya gotta do the work so that you can have the fun. RIGHT??!!!

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Gini said...

That picture of all the dogs is so darn funny - and mostly because I saw what Chris had to do to them to get that shot!! Erin Go Bragh!