Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Love / Hate

This Love / Hate Meme is going around blog land, so here is mine.

(Oh, and if you are saying what the heck is a meme: "Meme (/miːm/) consists of any unit of cultural information, such as a practice or idea, that gets transmitted verbally or by repeated action from one mind to another." --Wikipedia)


1. The smell of Lilac in the Spring, fresh cut grass in the Summer, a wood-burning stove in the Fall and wet wool mittens in Winter.

2. When my son says "Thank you" after anything that I do for him/give to him.

3. Coming down in the morning only to find that Chris has put my coffee cup out for me and left a good strong pot of coffee brewing.

4. Getting mail for James from my Mom, which is always addressed to "Master James."

5. Being able to help anyone with blogging/ graphic design/ marketing /writing questions.

6. Browsing through Timber Home magazine and building my dream log home in my mind.

7. Laughing with Chris.

8. A bathroom closet filled to the brim with toilet paper and a diaper stacker filled to the brim with diapers.

9. Making a great, home-cooked meal and sitting down to dinner every night with Chris and James. (I SO MISSED THAT when Chris was always out of town!)

10. Reducing/reusing/recycling so that I will leave the smallest footprint possible on the Earth.


1. Folding laundry/ironing shirts.

2. Careless drivers (I am so much more concerned about that now that I have a little one.)

3. My neighborhood.

4. People that come to my door to sell me bug extermination/Jesus/housecleaning when I have a sign that says NO SOLICITING next to my door bell.

5. When my computer just shuts down for no reason, especially in the middle of a long blog post with about a million pictures.

6. Coming home from the grocery store only to find that I forgot that ONE CRUCIAL INGREDIENT, even though I for some reason crossed it off my list in the store.

7. Being away from Pine/Oak/Elm/Birch/Maple trees and Goldenrod, Queen Anne's Lace, Black Eyed Susan's and Chicory growing wild on the side of the road.

8. Watching James grow up really fast and seeing him change into a remarkable little person every day and knowing that my folks are missing it.

9. Watching James grow up really fast and seeing him change into a remarkable little person every day and knowing that Chris' Mom isn't around to see it (although I sure hope she can see him from Heaven).

10. The fact that I was at the Spring's Preserve Water Conservation exhibit and someone was walking around behind me saying "that's not true," "I don't believe that," "That's ridiculous," "who comes up with these numbers anyhow" and knowing that there are a million other people who don't think that water conservation or global warming is an issue.


monica said...

nice meme, thank you!

blackbird said...

Great meme!

Restless Housewife said...

Hi fellow Las Vegan!

BTW, I totally understand why you'd want to move back East...I miss trees, grass...anything green!

and they drivers...OMG - I SO do not want my daughter to ever get her driver's license here -

Good to meet you and make sure to "save" every couple minutes!