Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tasty Tuesday -- Cajun Shrimp, Seared Scallops & Spring Succotash

Chris and I shared a rare night out last Friday--just the two of us. We went to a restaurant in Ellington, CT called Trattoria de Lepris that a friend had recommended. It was, in a word, sublime.

One of our favorite items of the night was a Cajun-spiced shrimp over a salad of wilted, warm greens. The dressing on the greens was sweet, and was perfect against the heat of the shrimp. I also loved my entree, which was seared Diver Scallops over a Spring Succotash.

The very next night, we decided to try and recreate both dishes, and were very pleased with the results!

For the shrimp, we purchased 12-15 count per pound shrimp that I cleaned and Chris marinated in melted butter, Prudomme Cajun Fish rub and some extra Cajun red pepper spice. He just layered them in a baking dish, and after they marinated for about 30 minutes he popped them in the oven at 425 for about 12 minutes.

For the succotash I bought four ears of corn on the cob, sliced off the corn and sauteed it quickly in butter with a little red onion. To the pan I added chopped fresh green beans, chopped red pepper and white beans. I added chopped fresh basil to the pan, but next time I will add it right before we serve it.

For the scallops I rinsed them and patted them until they were as dry as possible. I then melted 3 TB of butter in a non-stick saute pan, added the scallops and did not move them for two minutes. I then turned them and cooked for two more minutes. When I plated them, I put them on top of the succotash and drizzled the butter from the pan on top.

I think we did a pretty great job, all in all! But, I am already asking to go back to Trattoria de Lepris. High Italian cuisine without the uppity atmosphere. Plus, the Pear Bellinis are to-die-for. Gotta love it!

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TeresaR said...

You did a fantastic job! Shrimp and scallops are two of my favorite foods (I love most all seafood except urchins...and sometimes sea cucumbers). :)

Glad you had a fun date night!

Flannery Buchanan said...

sounds great! i may have to do the shrimp and succotash since i can't eat scallops. such a bummer!!

FrouFrouBritches said...

That shrimp looks yummy!!! Might have to try it! I love cajun shrimp.

Jayne said...