Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day 2010

To my Mother,

I think of you everyday, but especially today. I am lucky that I have so many great memories of you--memories of you as a child myself, and memories of you with my own children.

Some of the moments I am thinking about today:

You sitting in the front yard weaving baskets in the summer sun.

You cooing over a box of puppies at Brook's Farm and Feed, and ultimately bringing one home.

You piling your long blonde hair on your head as you walked into the water at Coffin Pond and yelling at us to stop splashing you.

You making carrot cake for my birthday.

You bringing Amy and I out to stand on the edge of the yard when the town's mower was coming to clean up the edges of the road and you didn't want him to cut down all of the Queen Anne's Lace and Chickory.

And then later,

You giving James hundreds of kisses, reading him stories, giving him popcorn or candy or whatever fun snacks you had on hand in the shop.

You holding Ella when she was still a newborn and telling her about all of the fun you two were going to have with tea parties and trying on dresses.

I miss you Mom, plain and simple.

And to all of the other Mom's in my life--don't take a single moment of loving your children for granted. I know it is hard to treasure everything, after all, life is busy--true. But maybe at least once a day we can sit back, take a deep breath, and be thankful for the time that we have with our children. Motherhood is such a gift. Cherish it always.

Happy Mother's Day!


Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day to you, Allison! Such a lovely tribute to your mom and wonderful advice for us. xo

Liz said...

Being a mom is such a gift. I am grateful for my role in life every day.
Happy Mother's Day.

Jayne said...

What a sweet tribute Allison. Hope your Mother's Day was happy!

Allison said...

Teresa, Happy Mother's Day to you too!!!

Liz -- I know how much you love being a Mom--this is a special day for you and I hope Abby and Wyatt and Jay pampered you like crazy!

Jayne--your Mother's Day post on your blog was so sweet. Nurturing your gardens, and a love of the world (and birds!) in those around you -- a Very Happy Mother's Day to you!