Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Take a Walk with Us

I thought I would show you a few of the things that I find really beautiful on our walk to and from James' school. The weather has been beautiful, so I take Ella in the stroller and James rides his bike every day that we can. I don't take it for granted one bit that I have the opportunity to walk my son to school. It is a true gift.

Here is a home a couple of doors down from James' school. I love that there is a typical white picket fence in the front, and that color--WOW! Plus they have white lilacs gracing the doorway. Simply beautiful.

The town's Congregational church is a beautiful structure. I would say that throughout New England, the Congregational churches are one of my favorite types of architecture that grace the hundreds of town greens. The weather vane on this church is a huge golden rooster. I wondered about it's significance, and found an article about it here.

I was just talking to Dad about this house a few weeks ago. The architectural styles in our town are amazingly varied--and this one is no exception. It seems to me that it comes right out of Savannah!

Here is one of my favorites--white clapboard, center chimney--the epitome of colonial New England. These houses are on the National Historic Register and have wooden plaques that state the original owner and the date of construction. This is one of the oldest I have found--1714!

Here is another little one that I like--I am fond of gray homes with white trim. I am not sure what style this is, but I do love the trim!

Here is another of my favorites. Just look at the sun dappling that lovely flag . . . OH! that's my house! Home sweet home!

I'll try to remember to grab my camera on our walks in the future as there are about 20 homes I would love to show you!


KatiePerk said...

What a scenic walk!! So pretty.

Holly said...

What a sweet way to start the day:) LOVE that red house. You are making me want to move to your little corner of the world.

TeresaR said...

This is even better than watching House Hunters because these houses are more lovely than half of those on the show. You have a most scenic walk to Jame's school!

Flannery Buchanan said...

we live in a special place, don't we?

Allison said...

Thanks Katie!

Holly, I know-- I COVET the red house . . .

Teresa--LOL I love House Hunters!

Hey Flann, yep, we do. We sure do.

Jayne said...

How lovely that you actually get to walk James to school. That is truly precious time indeed! Love all the historic looking homes in your neighborhood Allison!