Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Little Rascals

It has been very quiet around here, especially because my neighbor, Flannery and her husband and three little ones are off visiting family. We sure have missed them around the neighborhood! I marvel at her three little girls, Eleanor, Mary Larkin and Ginger the baby. Here are some pics I took last week when Eleanor and Mary Larkin came over to play.

Just look at little Mommy Eleanor with her hand over Ella's shoulder. I think that is just precious! Don't you love the flirty look on James' face? When I say he loves these girls, I mean he LOVES them. He asks about them nearly every day. Are they coming over to play? Do we have a play date over there today? Can we go ride bikes with them? And on . . . . and on . . . .

I think they are yelling in the photo above--not sure why. I am noticing that in the photos I took, Ella isn't looking at me IN A SINGLE STINKING ONE. Oh well. She was busy!

In this one I was asking them to pretend they were riding a roller coaster. See Eleanor repeating my instructions to Ella? Too funny!

Take a load of that scowl on Eleanor's face. She is staring so hard at ML that she is going to burn a hole right in her! I think she looks like she is saying "Nice dress, princess. I'd like to see you score a soccer goal in THAT get-up!" HA HA! And that look on Mary Larkin's face? IRRESISTIBLE!

Okay, this one cracks me up. Clearly, James is trying to put on some kind of funny show, and the girls are just so absorbed in their conversation with Ella about the particular nuances of blue raspberry Popsicles that they have no clue he even exists! Get used to it buddy.

Anyhoo. Okay Flannery. You can come home now!!! Ahem. Please?


Courtenay Homan said...

Those are wonderful pictures! So glad you love those girls too!

Jayne said...

Pure sweetness!

Flannery Buchanan said...

THANK YOU!!!! We miss you guys too!! And tell James the feeling is mutual esp. from ML. :)

sheri said...

Summer agree's with you!!!! Especially your darling, love your new blog border; although missing your "au-natural"- precious photo moments! talk soon xo

Anonymous said...

Those kids are too darling together! It's such a joy to have terrific neighbors!

BTW, love your new blog look! It's lovely and classy!