Saturday, May 1, 2010

N is for . . .

A friend of mine is Now mother to a New, Notable, Noisy and Nifty Newborn named Nicholas. She is a dear Blogland friend, and having received some Nice handmade gifts from her in the past, I wanted to return the favor.

Thinking of my New friends over at 3 Sisterz, I decided that a Neat little sewing project was in order.


(I am Not a great seamstress, and that is why I do not have a business selling items like this. The ladies at 3 Sisterz, however, do make them for sale, and I know from experience that everything is properly aligned and not a stitch is out of place.)

Now take Note, if you are staring a New applique project:

1. Do Not use a dark, contrasting thread,
2. Remember that flannel can be tough to work with,
3. Consider using more pins for correct placement (as in the cock-eyed green tie),
4. Maybe don't choose a Notoriously small item of clothing

Anyhoo, I know it doesn't matter, because I am a little Nutty anyway, and my stitches, though perhaps not Nimble or perfect, are certainly Noteworthy for the love with which they are made.

Love you Stephanie! Keep an eye out for your package! And give that baby Numerous kisses from me!!!!


Jayne said...

Anything made with that much love is perfect. ;c)

Flannery Buchanan said...

precious!!! love them!

Anonymous said...

Too cute for words!

Stephanie said...

N is for NO WAY! :) Allison, those are so flipping cute. You are the best. We are going to love them and cherish them. xoxooxoxo

Kelly said... are so creative and crafty with great follow-through. I sometimes get crafty ideas with fabric, but they never make it to the finished stage. You're like my Aunt Diane. I love these little outfits!!

Liz said...

I love the way you wrapped them up in the last pic. LOVE cute, clever wrapping - even when it's that simple. :)

Sachiko said...

Such a cute and thougtful gift, Allison! They are so adorable!
Thank you for coming over to my link party!