Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sandbox Summer Fun

I was at a friend's house this past weekend with the kids and they spent almost an hour playing with the sand table that she had.

It made me remember that my Dad had built my sister and I a sandbox as kids. Chris and I had discussed it at one point but with him being gone for work so much, hadn't really pursued it. I started thinking about it, and remembered that there is a built in sandbox under their playscape (the one we got from Craigslist for $50 last summer).

I went out and bought nine 50lbs bags of playground sand and some ground cover that would prevent weeds from coming up. After toting 450 lbs of sand into my car, out of my car and into the sand box I needed a day at the beach myself!

When I was done putting it together, James and Ella hopped in and were SO INTENT that I could barely get them to look up for a photo! Let's just say that they love it--there seems to be some mysterious magical power that sand coming through a sifter seems to have on my little ones!

YES, they had sand EVERYWHERE when I finally coaxed them into the house for dinner, and YES James asked me when I tucked him in last night if he could play in it the next day and YES score one for Mom on the sandbox!


KatiePerk said...

Nice job mom!! I loved the sand box too!!

Anonymous said...

How great that you remembered there's an attached sandbox to the Playscape! There's something very tactile-y satisfying about sand. Your kids are adorable so intent on playing in it!

Chris said...

very cute! miss you guys!

Jayne said...

Now that is a woman! 450 pounds of sand? You go girl! Looks like they will love this all summer long. :c)