Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Taking A Moment to Breathe

Flowers from my yard in my favorite vase. Aren't they pretty?

Wow I'm a busy!
I just realized I haven't posted since Sunday.
I have been playing with kids,
planning a trip to San Diego and Sea World,
helping to promote a conference,
doing a little graphic design work,
reading books by my new favorite author, Sarah Waters,
making meals from a great cookbook I got for Mother's Day,
thinking about a little trip to Maine,
dreaming about having my own little farm in the country.

So I am busy, but good.
But--that means I haven't been reading or posting on too many blogs,
so if you haven't seen me around for a bit--
just know I am still here.
I might just be taking more time to blow bubbles and play with sidewalk chalk,
cozying into bed with a great historical novel,
or daydreaming about having my own farm fresh eggs.

And goodness!
Summer is just around the corner--and you know what happens then--
less and less blogging.

Plus, in a month James will be out of school and
out on his first summer vacation--
and I plan to fill it up with as much fun as I can stuff
into as many hours of sunlight as Mother Nature can give us.

So I'm here--just winding down a bit and focusing on other things.

And hey, I think I've written a similar post
every year for the last three,
so it's nothing new.

Whatever you are up to--

And don't count me out of Blogland just yet--
I might just have a surprise or two up my sleeve,
but first I need to go and lay under my shady tree
and look up at the clouds for a while.




Liz said...

O. M. G. I cannot WAIT for summer vacation!!!!!!! I hear ya!!!!!

Jayne said...

As you should be... :c) Have a glorious time with your little family Allison.

Anonymous said...

You know, much as I miss seeing you here, I'm glad you've been busy because I've not been reading blogs much this past week, and I'd hate to miss your posts. :)

You sure have been a busy gal! I don't know what I've been doing with my time, but I feel busy. LOL!

Enjoy yourself, my dear! Hugs!!

Doris & Roy said...

Have a great summer! Action packed and full of memories.... Hugs to the family, stay safe.

Allison said...

Thanks everyone!!! Will be posting some pics this weekend. :-)