Saturday, August 30, 2008

... That's What Little Boys are Made of!

Garrin and James had a blast today! This time that we have been staying with Bill and Gini and the kids has been fun for him. Tons of toys and lots of room to make a huge mess race around in makes for a pretty fun Saturday!

Here is a rare moment of the two of them SITTING STILL.

Here they are enjoying Oreos.

Garrin taught James the fine art of licking the icing from each one . . .

And NOT eating any of the outsides. I told my Mom about this today and she said "They would make GREAT pie crusts!" I said "Ahhhhh, no, they have toddler slobber/slime/goo all over them. NO THANKS." (So, if you get a pie from my Mom with vanilla Oreo cookie crust, you had better ask her if there was a toddler involved in the baking process!!!)

And of course, after about 40 cookies, you need a nice, big, cold glass of milk!

Every time the boys eat a meal at the kitchen island, I look and see this image and think it is SO CUTE.

After playing and cookies, it is time to take a break and rest and watch a movie.



Kim said...

Very cute! Love that picture of their dangling piggers!

I don't know about those Golden Oreos, though. I'm a purist - gotta stick with the chocolate.

alice c said...

Has he grown in the last week? He is looking like a real Big Brother in those pictures!

Redhead in Vegas said...

Take at look at Frick and Frack! They are so cute.

Kim said...

the feet picture is too cute. The pie crust story - hehe!!!

I wish I could get Hudson to drink out of a cup!! Only the playtex insulator cups for him {and they have to be the old ones - he won't drink from the new ones?!}

Gini said...

They are cute together, aren't they?