Monday, August 4, 2008

A Look Back . . .

I found some old photos yesterday that reminded me of what made my childhood so great!

I love this photo. This was after catching pigs at a kids' piglet scramble at the local fair (you know, where they grease the pigs up with Crisco and let 10 kids into the pen to run around and see if they can catch one.) Oh yeah, and if you catch one, you can KEEP IT!

Going to the country fairs in the summertime and listening to outdoor folk concerts with your Mom and Dad. This is how you develop a taste for folk music! I think this was probably at the Common Ground Fair, or maybe the Bowdoin Music Festival. Mom--any thoughts?

Going to a real swimming hole with your baby sister and floating around in an inner tube. (Aaahh, nice diaper Amy!!)

Being raised by parents that kept an ENORMOUS vegetable garden. JUST LOOK at the bounty on that table! And my Mom--gorgeous, sun-kissed and radiant.

Did I mention country fairs? Did I mention that I grew up loving ponies? Did I mention that I actually got a pony of my own a few years after this photo was taken? Did I mention his name was "Trigger"? Of COURSE IT WAS!

Loved that my Dad built our swing sets. No plastic or metal swing sets for us. NO WAY. And he always used that terrible yellow rope that left splinters in your fingers. OUCH. I remember this bike, too.

And another shot of my Mom, who will probably kill me for posting this pic, but I just adore it. What is she doing, heading out to the garden for fresh green beans? Have I EVER had legs that great looking? And after two kids, no less? Mom, you are my idol!!

We always had a ton of dogs and cats. Here is Gertrude or "Gert" as we called her. Great dog. I am pretty sure they were always strays that my Dad picked up somewhere along the way. I am sure he never actually paid for a dog. They just always found us.

OK, and last one. Super cute. I was always in pig tails or pony tails. Guess what? Ella will be too!

I hope you enjoyed this little blast from the past. Isn't it funny how you go through a stage when you are a teenager wanting to get as far away from home as you can? And now, I look back and see that my childhood was idyllic, perfect, and just the way I want to raise my own children.


Denise said...

Those pictures are great! I LOVE the one with the pig. I always wanted a small farm animal - maybe a baby chick - but havent gotten one yet!

Kim said...

How great is it that you have all those old pictures?

That first picture of you and your mom is the spitting image of you and James.

Jerolyn said...

What great pictures! The last one is my most FAVE!

p.s. Your mom looks dang good in that tube top. You two look a lot alike I think.

Chris said...

WOW honey I didn't know you were at Woodstock!

Gini said...

You and your mom look exactly alike! I can tell with all this reminiscing that you are really looking forward to moving back. It's nice you have a close relationship with your parents - they will love watching your kids grow and you can share all those memories with them.

Kim said...

the first one really looked alot like your baby boy!!!

And let me just go on and get it out there - dig those glasses!! tee hee!

Allison said...

OMG-I know--mine and my mom's sunglasses!! YIKES!!!

Redhead in Vegas said...

what an amazing little retrospective. this is a little bit of a repeat here, but you look just like your mom! are you guys planning on moving back after Ella arrives?