Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Ella!

Today Ella Josephine is a week old and I can hardly believe it! Seems like those last few weeks of your pregnancy drag by, slow as molasses while you wait to meet your baby. Then, all of a sudden, it is a week later!

Ella had a follow-up appointment with her pediatrician yesterday and she is doing quite well. She is gaining weight, her jaundice is going away, and her overall health is perfect.

A few fun observations:

  • She goes from peaceful, sleeping angel to screaming banshee in about two seconds flat when she is hungry. Chris and I found this somewhat unnerving, as James never EVER cried for more than oh, maybe five minutes. I mean, she gets PISSED OFF. But hey, I like a woman who isn't afraid to speak her mind!
  • I was going to post today about how much James is in love with her. Up until today, if you asked him who she was he would say "Oooohh, little baby sister Ella!" and "Ooohhh so cute!" and "Ooohhh, so nice!" BUT--I asked him today who she was when he was on the phone with his Grandma and he said "A monster." I was like, uhhhhh, duhhhhhh, what? So I asked him again and he said "A snake!" I am NOT making it up--I know you all know I have a great tendency to dramatize everything (that theatre degree had to be good for something) but Gini was standing right there when he said it (and her jaw hit the floor). So, I guess the jury is out right now.
  • James has been playing very hard while we have been staying with Gini and Bill. He hasn't been sleeping that great, but he has been taking two naps a day. Yesterday I had him take one nap, and he slept through the night with no problem. So, I decided that since the two, two hour a day nap schedule was really more for my convenience while I was working, we would go ahead and try one a day. Needless to say, at 1pm today I brought him into our guest room for a nap while I was blogging. I had just put him in bed and was editing this post when I turned around and saw this:

  • My nephew Connor who is in that "I am so cool stage with my Ed Hardy shoes and my spikey moussed hair" ADORES Ella. It is just so sweet. He asks to hold her several times a day. The proof is in the pudding. Take a look:

I have been very busy doing NOTHING but resting here at Hotel Herbst. Gini and Bill flatly refuse to let me pick up anything or do any housework. I took out some garbage yesterday and got the look of DEATH from Gini. Hey, what can I say? It is great to have people around who love you!

Oh, and BTW, Happy Anniversary Gini and Bill!


Kim said...

Cute pictures! That is one sacked out little boy!

Gini said...

Awesome pictures! I know everyone is jealous so let me put this in print - I GET TO SEE ALL THIS, UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL. I can attest to the fact that abosolutely no photoshopping has been done.

Denise said...

Wonderful pictures! Thanks for keeping us all in the loop.

Kim said...

Your kids - too funny!!

Redhead in Vegas said...

James is too freakin' funny. Don't you love it when they say crazy stuff when you expect them to be all sweet. We are tinkering with the one nap situation here, too. Not quite sure how it is going to work out.

Ella is so adorable. Enjoying having people take care of you. You just had a baby, for crying out loud!

Stephanie said...

How wonderful that you get to be with family right now. That is so sweet they are taking such good care of you. You deserve it!

And haha, James. Gotta love what comes out of their little mouths.

She is so darn cute.

Jerolyn said...

tomorrow is the the big meet and greet! Can't wait to sniff that new baby!!!