Sunday, August 24, 2008

Introducing . . .


Arrived at 12:45 pm 08-20-08 weighing 6 lbs, 10 ounces, and measuring 19 1/2 inches long.

Look at how proud Chris is of his new little girl!

Auntie Gini is in love with her new niece. She has been wanting another girl in the family for say, oh, the last 11 years, since Hannah arrived!

Grandma and Grandpa sent James books to keep him occupied int he hospital.

Thanks! It worked!

Uncle Gene and Auntie Mel stopped by to say hello.

On Day 2, James and Garrin brought these two little pink loveys as presents for Ella.

My all time favorite new picture of Ella and James!

Eyes open for her official hospital photo!

First night out of the hospital. James had this sweet double chin when he was born, too.

Everyone was tired when we got to Gini's after four days in the hospital!

I think they are going to get along just fine.

Everyone is doing well--Ella is eating every couple of hours, James is adjusting well, I am resting and Chris is adoring his family. We are settled in at Gini's for the next couple of weeks to rest before we head to Connecticut. It will be a great time to have Gini, Bill and the kids around.

Stay tuned for more updates!


Kim said...

She's beautiful! I love that picture of James holding her.

Glad to hear everyone is doing well. Keep the pictures coming!

Kim said...

She is perfect - and looks so much like James!! I think it is the mouth. Congrats!!

Jerolyn said...

She IS beautiful. Can't wait to see her in person...James too!

Denise said...


Stephanie said...

Your baby girl is sooooo cute. I see you in her pretty little face.


These are just the sweetest pictures. :)

Gini said...

Ohhhhh, look at her sweet little face....oh wait. I get to see it everyday!!

Redhead in Vegas said...

Ella is so amazingly beautiful. Congrats to all of you and enjoy every minute with your precious baby girl.

SallieB said...


She is just amazingly gorgeous.

So glad to hear you are all healthy and happy.

ps...thanks for the comment on the F&E blog. ;)