Saturday, August 9, 2008

Candy for Breakfast

What do you give your little boy for breakfast when you are too busy:
  • packing
  • writing thank-you notes
  • sorting pictures to send out to your family
  • posting furniture for sale on Craigs List
  • updating your company's website
  • burning DVDs for a work project
all before 9am on a Saturday?

A Pop Tart. Oh! The horror!!!

I asked him what he was having for breakfast and he said "Candy."

I won't be winning the Mother of the Year Award this month!


Kim said...

Pop Tarts every now and then aren't gonna hurt anyone. Love the non-frosted blueberry ones.

Redhead in Vegas said...

Ryan had goldfish for dinner last night. What are you gonna do?

Allison said...

I LOVE the Cinnamon and Brown Sugar ones. I gave them him this morning selfishly thinking "What the heck am I going to eat at 2am?" HA HA

Jerolyn said...

Are you kidding? Pop Tarts are a very important food group at our house!

Gini said...

Jer - I thought of you when I read this post. We know how much you guys looooovvve them. We go through phases here. I think the favorite is cinnamon-sugar over here.