Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Lot Going On . . .

Suffice it to say that we have been VERY BUSY. Let me just say it this way--

In a few short weeks we are moving from here:

To here:

Yup. I know I am going to have a baby in less than two weeks, I am packing, I am chasing around a two-year-old who is in the middle of potty training, and I am involved in the biggest work project of my life. AM I NUTS? You bet. AM I EXCITED AND CRAZY HAPPY? You bet.

More later!




Gini said...

It's about damn time you blogged about this. Anyhoo - when you are doing something for the greater good of your family - any stress is good stress. Trust me when I say been there, done that. Not once but twice. Right after giving birth to the second kid, the first time, and right before giving birth to the third kid, the second time. It's all worth it in the end. Good luck....and get packing, dammit.

Stephanie said...

Wow! Congratulations! Your new home is gorgeous. Still in Vegas???

Allison said...

Ahhh, nope. That would be Connecticut.

Allison said...

Gini--I am packing my ASS off (or at least I hope all this packing is minimizing my butt!!)

Kim said...

Time is flying by! I can't believe Ella's arriving in less than 2 weeks! Good luck packing!

Jerolyn said...

Ok first of all GINI~
the way I read your first comment made it sound like you gave birth to your children more then once! haha.

Secondly CONGRATS on your big move! I know you mentioned wanting to go back someday and I guess that day is in a few weeks huh? BTW Beautiful home...and yard you're moving to there! Keep up the ole' blog so we can see you in your new life!

Redhead in Vegas said...


wow, wow, wow.

so, i'm guessing that joining my tuesday playgroup is out! LOL!
the new house is amazing. Good Luck!

Kim said...

So - you are moving from Vegas to Connecticut???
And you are moving before you have this baby???
Girl, you are crazy!!!
Good luck!
OH and super cute new house!

alice c said...

Take care Allison - that little Ella is very precious and bodies which are 38 weeks pregnant are not designed for rushing around and carrying heavy stuff.

It will all get down eventually but you and the baby are top priority at the moment.

Stephanie said...

Wow...Connecticut. You must be so excited! :) Please do take it easy and don't sweat the small stuff. (like pop tarts)