Sunday, October 14, 2007

Ride 'em Cowboy

Lots of pics for you from the weekend. We headed over for Garrin's 2nd birthday part on Saturday night. I got James all dressed up for the occasion, and then I was sad because he looked so much like a little BOY and not a BABY.

When we got to the party James had some fun playing with his Uncle Bill and some stickers.

We got Garrin a motorized ATV for his birthday. Chris had a great idea to put cutouts of Garrin's face on the box.

Here is the look on Garrin's face after the box was unwrapped and he saw himself on it--PRICELESS!!

Garrin got a little Thomas the Train playhouse and guess who spent half the night in it shrieking with delight? Guess who's mom went out and bought one just like it today??

Today we went with some friends to to a little fall festival. We had a decent time, although when we asked about the price of a pumpkin and the guy said it was $85, I had to remind myself that "You're not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy!"

But anyway, they did have pony rides! Hmm, I wonder who was more excited about that?

I actually had a little pony when I was a little girl named Trigger that looked a lot like this one! (I know you're astonished by that.)

James liked his pony ride, and cried when it was time to get off. Oh well, maybe we can ride Mommy's old horse Sonny Boy when we vi st Grandma and Grandpa next month!

By the way, anyone who would like to make a buck or two next year should buy a semi filled with pumpkins from Nebraska at 10 cents a pound and truck them to Vegas. Set up some bales of hay and you'll make a nice bundle!


Jerolyn said...

I hope you didn't buy the 85$ punkin' DID YOU? You know Wal*Mart has good punkins' for NOT 85$...!

Allison said...

Of course not!! I was too busy laughing my BUTT off to buy it!

Jerolyn said...

P.S. That photo of Garrin on the lil' Kawasaki is A FREAKING CRACK UP!!! You guys crack my up!

Gini said...

Step away from the pony, Allison, Step away from the pony.....

Life of a Banana said...

buck up...don't even think about it!!!LoL!!! p.s. u did something after parAGRAPH that's on the horse !!!!
notice...u did a space while writing!!! LoL!!!