Wednesday, October 10, 2007


But not the GAP it leaves in my wallet!!!

I am a true Old Navy fan. I love that I can get semi-trendy clothes that fit and don't cost as much as the stuff that I'd like to be able to afford in GLAMOUR magazine. (I mean, will I ever really own a pair of Manolos? I DOUBT IT!)

Anyhoo, I do shop at the GAP every once in a while, looking for those too-seldom held sales that might, just might have what I want and in my size. I am way too cheap to buy the sexy, seen-on-Oprah jeans that I TRULY want, because at $70 a pop, I just go straight into heart failure. (Never mind the fact that if I were to spend that much on clothes, I think I would be newly single).

So, as it happened to recently be my birthday, I received an awesome GAP gift card in the mail from my Grandparents. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! Now, it was for $75!!! I was so psyched!

I dragged my teething, cranky son to the GAP (after an emotional hair cut, no less) after work today. I was very excited to browse the store, maybe get a few things on the sale rack, etc. I did find several things I liked, but NONE of them were on sale. Actually, as the GAP is gearing up for Fall, I think everything was pretty much in the brand new, gotta have it, and gotta have it at full price stage. Ugh.

So, I resigned myself to being able to buy one item. Just one. Now--isn't that just sick that my awesome gift card could only buy me one thing? I mean what about that gorgeous black wrap dress that was $54.00 and fit me perfectly?? What about that heather gray cape that would be oh so glorious to wear on my trip back East?

I did try all of those things on. And, I had one of those days that comes along about once every two years . . . EVERYTHING FIT, and in a SMALLER SIZE than usual. I was in GAP heaven!! (I am sure that it has nothing to do with the fact that I am killing myself every day on my treadmill.)

Last, I tried on a gorgeous pair of jeans. They were $69.00. Here is a pic of me with them on. (I had James take it while we were crammed in the dressing room).

Don't I look HOT??? Ok, of course that's not me. BUT--that IS the way I felt with them on. (And that's an actual pic of the jeans from the GAP website.)

So, I did buy them, and a little black t-shirt that cost (gulp) $24.99. So, thanks to my grandparents, I walked out of there with two great items, and they only cost me $2o+ (with tax).

And you know what? I deserve it. (The GAP is still a rip-off, but oh well.)


Gini said...

Hey check out this quote I just found (and it didn't take me long to find it might I add, Chris and Bill!).

"Women may have a reputation as insatiable shoppers, but when it comes to lavishing money on themselves men leave the fairer sex in the shade.

Research published yesterday indicates that men are likely to spend twice as much money on themselves as women.

Men enjoy buying themselves new clothes, shoes, CDs and DVDs, according to Morgan Stanley Consumer Banking."


Tara said...

I only buy stuff from the sales rack at Gap...I still tend to shop like I work in theater! Frugal, frugal, frugal. I did buy a pair of wide leg navy striped pants there at full price on Tuesday. Is it wrong that I have kept the bag hidden in my trunk so Jamey doesn't see it???

Life of a Banana said...