Saturday, October 13, 2007

James' Book-of-the-Month Club

We are pleased to announce that James' favorite pastime as of late is . . . READING!!!

We read a story or two every evening. There is a stack of books next to the rocking chair in his room. He picks out which books he wants me to read to him. In the morning when he gets up, he picks a book to bring downstairs with him, and he reads it several times throughout the day.

For the month of October, James has chosen "The Snuggliest Snuggle in the World" by Sarah Nash, illustrated by Daniel Howarth.

Here is what James has to say about his recent book club selection, "While his mommy is off searching for food, Little Leopard becomes lonely for her reassuring snuggles. Bear, Snake, Monkey, and others try to comfort him, but none of their hugs seem to work. There is only one snuggle that’s just right for Little Leopard! Adorable illustrations in rich, bright watercolors add just the right touch of wide-eyed anxiety—and humor—to the animals’ well-intentioned antics."
We hope that you will rush right out and buy this book and add it to your collection!


Jerolyn said...

I'm on my way!! what a cutie pie!

Anonymous said...

funny thing...I just sent James and Chris the absolute BEST BOOK...we will see WHO likes it best...James or his Dad!!! I can hardly wait till they get it!!!

Life of a Banana said...

OMG. Let's go get it!!! He's sooooo
dang cute!!!! LoL!!!