Sunday, October 7, 2007

Burgers, Drums & Pumpkins!

Yesterday I had my birthday lunch at In & Out. Check out these cheeseburgers! (It's not Shady Glen, but I'll take it!) We got the boy his own burger, but he much preferred the fries.

Later we had a little wine dinner with Mel and Gene. Here is James practicing to be in a rock band! Check out those cheeks!

Here is a video of the little man in action:

Today we were supposed to go apple picking, but apple picking out here is WEIRD!! Back east you drive to the patch, get out, get your wagon or basket and walk thru the orchard picking apples. Here, folks DRIVE thru in their SUVs, and when they see a tree they like, they get out and start picking. LAME-O. Plus, there were about 100 cars in line to do it. Ugh. I was TOTALLY irritated. So, we drove back down the road a bit to this little place we saw that was selling pumpkins.

James got to pick out his very own! He had a ton of fun pointing at all of them.

In the back they had this little school bus toy for kids. He loved it!

In the back they had a bunch of great farm animals. It was great. The lady that owns the place took us in to see them, and James got to pet a rare white peacock chick.

The rooster scared him a little bit.

I wanted to take this miniature pony home with us--his name was "Itty Bitty." So, even if I didn't get a real pony for my birthday, I got to see one today, and yesterday I got a little ceramic one from my Mom!

I wanted James to ride Itty Bitty, but he was NOT interested!

I asked the lady how she likes Vegas, and she said that her family has lived on that farm since 1918. She said that was a picture of the TRUE Vegas--most folks were ranchers and farmers. Who'd a thunk it???


Jerolyn said...

Happy B-lated birthday!!! I heart In n Out!!!

Life of a Banana said...


Tara said...

OMG I can't believe I missed your birthday!
Happy 24th!
Why don't they have In N Outs here in New England?? Why?