Thursday, October 4, 2007

A Really Long Entry about Ironing

So you know that Chris is nearing the end of his second week at his new job. What you may NOT know is that his new job requires a new code of dress. He used to be doing more labor, and was wearing jeans, tee shirts and work boots. Now, as he has moved up the ladder, he is wearing nice shirts and pants that require . . .

IRONING. (God help me.)

Unlike a certain family member of mine who spends waaaaaaaaaay too much time ironing no, not just for her husband, and for herself, (come on--do those velour Gap pants need ironing?? LOL) but for her daughter and son as well (I assume this is because they wear uniforms). We can only hope that she isn't ironing her youngest son's line of Quicksilver apparel. (If you are I am going to have to insist on a Dr. Phil style Ironing Intervention).

ANYHOW . . .

I DO have an iron, so I am all set on that point, but what I don't have is a kick-a$$ ironing board. What I do have is one of those $12.99 Wal-mart pieces of crap that you attach to the wall so they can fold up and out of the way when you aren't using them. Unfortunately, there are two big problems associated with my set-up.

#1, the actual ironing surface is 8" by 24". Ever try to iron a pair of men's dress pants on that?

#2, my wonderful husband installed it so that I have to use my left hand to iron. (Uhhh, I am right-handed).

So--how often do I iron in my current situation? Let's see, how 'bout NEV-UH!

Long story longer (don't you love blogging??? You get to share the constant droning on of your endless brain chatter with the entire world, when they could be doing about a MILLION other things besides reading your drivel??) After dropping off the dry-cleaning last week and learning that it would cost me a small fortune, I decided that I would try ironing instead.

Last night I went looking for an ironing board. Here's a quick question, how much did you pay for yours? (Please feel free to cast your vote in the little poll/survey to the right). Well, I went into Wal-Mart (Yes, Sam Walton, I buckled to my selfish consumerism streak and I actually set foot in your nasty store) and the choices were absolutely PITIFUL. So, I went next door to Bed, Bath & Beyond.

After looking at my three choices, $19.99 for the same $12.99 piece of junk I already have, $49.99 for a decent-looking ironing board and $100 for the Mac-Daddy, every bell and whistle and if-I-spend-that-much-on-an-ironing-board-Chris-will-start-making-me-

iron-the-sheets choice, (breathe) I went for the $49.99 model.

Now, I have a great iron, I have more square inches on which to iron, I can iron with my right hand, AWESOME!

I took a test run on the new board today-and what can I say?



Gini said...

Since I have OCD, admittedly, I iron everything, including the baby's Quiksilver shirts. (His little shorts come out quite nice too!!) Anyhoo, I experiment sometimes and NOT iron something, which lasts all of 2 seconds before I take it off and iron it. So there you go.

Allison said...

Hmm . .I wonder if ironing could be come addictive, like blogging? I mean, the TOTAL satisfaction after writing a wicked great blog entry could easily match the satisfaction of a perfectly ironed shirt (which I don't know how to do, although I think Bill tried to teach me once).

Chris said...

In the time it took you to write this stupid post you could have ironed everything in the get to work.

Jerolyn said...

I HATE ironing. I don't iron unless absolutely necessary. AND I don't notice whether or not other peoples clothes are ironed(sorry Gini)I have found napping to be a much better pass time(in my wrinkled shirt)!

Tara said...

I still have my piece of crap ironing board that I inherited from YOU..I curse that board every time it has a mind of its own and decides to collapse while I am ironing...I think it's time to replace it. Hm.

Life of a Banana said...