Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Visitor in the Night

I looked out the window yesterday and saw a fresh set of tracks in the snow. Look at the bottom left of the bird feeder in the photo below. You can see them and how they arc up toward the fire pit.

My husband pointed out to me that they came all the way around our house and then onto the walkway.


Guess they didn't realize that there was a coating of ice under the fresh snowfall . . . WHOOPS!

And then out into the woods they went.

Another little thing that makes me smile.


Petrie & Trixie said...

Excellent Idea! I very much like the new blog.

Heart Felt said...

So beautiful and how wonderful to have deer so close! Lovely xx

A New England Life said...

How neat! Did the deer find anything to eat? We have so much snow here it's been difficult for them to get around. They say many deer won't make it through the winter.

Glad your deer didn't fall down! Yikes!

Sharon : )

stephanie (bad mom) said...

How very thrilling! My kids would have been out in those woods searching...

Beautiful photos.